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Savernake Dental Laboratory Group

We are building a different kind of dental laboratory group. We are laser focused on quality, industry-leading technology and valued partnerships with our clients.

Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality products, to foster trusted relationships between technician and clinician, and deliver an exceptional service experience.

Using Savernake Laboratories means you are supported by a team of skilled and conscientious laboratory managers, technicians and operations specialists. Each of our UK laboratories is focussed on delivering the highest quality precision products, and leading technology, backed by unparalleled customer service and support.

Our technicians are tenured, talented individuals who take pride in what they do. They build relationships and work closely with you on a case-by-case basis to make sure we meet your expectations and those of your discerning patients.

Our laboratory managers are veterans of the industry. They have the hands-on skills, experience, and business acumen to support our exceptionally talented technicians and team members to ensure we deliver the high quality service and products you expect.

Our objective is to work with you as one team – adding value to your practice and delivering a seamless service to patients.

“I began working with SDLG several months ago after a Bupa lab I had previously used decided to take internal referrals from the practice they were attached to.

Whenever starting to work with a new lab, there is always an unknown of how the relationship between practitioner and technician is going to pan out, as well as the standard of the finished product. However, since working with Precision I have found the service to be outstanding and the team very accommodating. I have used the lab for both crown and bridgework as well as acrylic and chrome dentures. Whether I have sent scans digitally or taken impressions, the products I have received have been to a very high standard.

The manager and team are always on hand for any advice or questions regarding cases to try and get the best outcome for patients. Recently, I have collaborated with the lab on a large restorative case involving numerous crowns and chrome denture work with several discussions had back and forth to get the desired outcome. The results have been above and beyond, making my job as the dentist so much easier.

We have even had an in-house visit to our practice from the lab manager to go through new materials, importance of correct shade taking and how to improve the outcome using a digital workflow, giving us here at the practice a greater appreciation of the information a technician requires to deliver high quality lab work.

I could not recommend SDLG enough and look forward to continuing working alongside them to deliver high standards of dental care. “

“I have been working with PDS for nearly 25 years. It is an absolute pleasure to work with their team. They are friendly, accommodating and patient.”

Dr S

Our Team

CEO and Co-Founder

Simon Turton PhD

Simon Turton is the CEO & Co-Founder of Savernake Dental Laboratories and of Gensmile Dental Care, which is a group of 70 dental practices in the UK and Ireland focused on high quality, private dentistry. Simon has a PhD in Pharmacy and an MBA from INSEAD. Prior to founding Savernake Dental Labs and Gensmile, in 2014, Simon was a Partner in the global private equity firm Warburg Pincus, where he headed European Healthcare. He previously worked in the pharmaceutical industry.


Managing Director

JP Allport – Parkinson


Laboratory Manager

Alan Smyth

Precision Dental Studios, Allport & Vincent and Byte Dental Laboratory

Alan has been in the dental industry since 1998. A multi-disciplined crown and bridge technician for the first 10 years of his career saw him manage two high end private laboratories simultaneously, growing his knowledge and skill base into implant and prosthetic fields through the next 10.

In 2018 Alan took the reigns at Precision Dental Studio and now oversees the day to day running of the laboratory. His role is three fold, to make sure the highest standards of quality and service are maintained within the laboratory, to strive to improve quality and maintain our position at the cutting edge of technology, and to use his knowledge and skill-set to offer advice to clients on all aspects of dental technology.

Laboratory Manager

Colin Pearson

Precision Dentacare

Colin has been in the dental industry since 1978. In the early 1980s, he spent two years working in Germany in a full-service dental laboratory, which allowed him to expand his crown and bridge knowledge and learn industry-leading techniques.

For 25 years, he helped in the day-to-day running of a successful full-service dental lab with his 2 partners. Since their retirement in 2011, he has managed the lab, growing his knowledge and skill base in implant, CAD/CAM and prosthetic fields.

Laboratory Manager

Ian Bridger

Marlborough Dental Laboratory


Laboratory Manager

Alan Holder

Marlborough Dental Laboratory