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We are focused on high-quality, private dental laboratories where we see room for development and growth. Once these laboratories are in the group, we work to help them grow while maintaining their unique identity. Most of our clients are unaware of any change of ownership.

The founding ethos of SDLG is to work with dental laboratory owners who seek to be freed of the demands of running a business and instead want to be able to focus on delivering high-quality work to their clinician partners.

Our aim is that each of our dental laboratories is a place where dental technicians want to build their careers and hone their skills and our clients receive a best-in-class experience with excellent clinical outcomes.

We believe that joining us would allow you to realise the substantial value of the impressive lab that you have built, while gaining resources and support for the future growth and success of the lab.

We understand you have invested an enormous amount of time and effort building your laboratory and providing consistently high standards of service to you customers. From experience, we also know that comes with the heavy burden of managing the business, distracting you from focusing on your passion for dental technology and serving your clients’ needs.

Since 2014, Savernake Laboratories Group (SLG) has built strategic partnerships with a handpicked network of established laboratories and built a highly ambitious commercial team to support them. These partnerships have delivered continued growth and innovation – we remain at the forefront of digital transformation, setting quality standards throughout the dental laboratory industry.

Our Laboratory Managers share your drive for providing consistently high-quality service to customers. They trust us with their labs because they recognise that we will be good custodians of what they have spent much of their life building.

I invite you to take a look at the information we have attached demonstrating how our Laboratory Owners have benefited from a relationship with Savernake Laboratories, transforming their days from being burdened with administration and management, to being able to follow their passion.
If you are considering selling your laboratory business, whilst partnering with Savernake Laboratories to remain integral to its success, please contact me for an exploratory, confidential conversation.

I would be delighted to discuss the opportunities with you in more detail.

Simon Turton

“I have been working with PDS for nearly 25 years. It is an absolute pleasure to work with their team. They are friendly, accommodating and patient.”

Dr S

“I have been working with PDS for nearly 25 years. It is an absolute pleasure to work with their team. They are friendly, accommodating and patient.”

Dr S

The benefits of selling your Laboratory to SLG

  • You will receive fair market value for your laboratory,
  • You are able to focus on what you enjoy most – the technical aspect.
  • We alleviate you from the burden of managing and promoting the laboratory.
  • The ability for you to retain a partnership role and management authority.
  • This partnership provides the required experience, capabilities, and investment to develop the laboratory, look at opportunities for expansion and ensure it stays at the forefront of technological advancements.
  • Support from a full-service laboratory team to assist with growing the business including a Group Operations Director, marketing team and centralised accounting function.
  • We are proud to be a British company, owned by our two founders and senior managers. We have a strategy of building long-term partnerships, a stable investor base and certainty of funding to help us achieve our goals.

What are we looking for?

  • People who prioritise customer service and quality, alongside innovation and ambition
  • High-quality, well-run laboratories with a diversified client base
  • Laboratories that service private practices
  • Opportunities for growth
  • Full service and digital specialism laboratories